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1. Why visitor and tourist marketing?

The State of Indiana spent $7 million to entice people to come to Indiana.  Why?  Because tourists and visitors are guaranteed consumers.  They come to our city knowing that they will spend money – they’ve planned for it.  And when they visit they spend “outside dollars” (money not earned in Indiana) and that adds fuel the local economy and promotes job growth.  In other words, Indiana is not just taking money out of one pocket and putting it into pocket – this is new money.  The city has been very successful in attracting visitors.  We have had four years or record tourism in the city of Indianapolis.  So the city loves conventions and sporting events because they know that these guests are going to spend money in someone’s business.  The city is not particularly concerned about whose business…  but we are.  Because $4.4 Billion and 26 million guests are up for grabs, we decided to develop a plan to help funnel those dollars and that very targeted traffic to our clients.

2. What is the Grass Roots Strategy?

An initial Visitor Experience is very important to a guest’s decision to visit again.  Everyone wants our guest’s experience to be very positive.  We believe that if you get to know Indianapolis, you can’t help but love Indianapolis.  That’s why we are small or local business friendly.  A visitor cannot experience the true “flavor” of Indianapolis by patronizing the same business conglomerates that they can experience in their own home neighborhood.  Furthermore, we believe that our small and locally owned businesses can use that $4.4 billion more than the huge mulit-billion dollar corporations.

3. What happens during the initial consult?

One of the truths about our business is that we cannot help everyone.  Some businesses are just not a good fit.  We would rather let you know that up front than to have you become a disappointed client.  If your business is a good fit, then, our consultants will listen to your goals and objectives and share our abilities and limitations and then fashion a strategy to boost the number of people walking through your doors.  A large part of that process is developing an effective and attractive incentive for you to offer.  If it makes good sense to you, then you can pay our $299 retainer fee and we will begin developing your Perq Spot.

4. Why do you have a retainer fee?

We incur some significant upfront costs every time we take on a new client and begin developing the client’s Perq Spot.  Also, the marketing material we provide to each host hotel will be different, so we have to create and re-create materials for every time approach a host  The retainer fee simply helps to defray some, but not all, of those costs

5. What is the difference between a Perq Card and a Perq Spot?

The Perq Card is an 8-panel hotel key card holder that features 14 local and non-competing businesses/entities.  Perq is the shortened version of the word perquisite which is a benefit received as the result of an affiliation.  Perqs are often used in business as a benefit of employment.  For example, if, and only if, you are an employee of ABC Company, then you are entitled to receive 1 free cup of coffee each day.  That is a perq of being an employee of ABC Company.  The Perq Card contains 14 perquisites of being a guest at the host hotel.  The Perq Spot is merely one of the fourteen developed and presented offerings for a specific entity.

6. On how many Perq Cards can my Perq Spot be featured?

You are only limited by the number of hotels that are within a “reasonable” distance from your business and by the hotels that agree that they want your Perq Spot on the Perq Card they offer their guests.  If you have developed a great Incentive on your Perq Spot, you may have many hotels who want you to be on their spot.  For each host hotel, you will be introduced to 10,000 guests.  Therefore, if you are featured on the Perq Card of 6 host hotels, you would be introduced to 60,000 guests.  Therefore, the real question is how many guests is your business able to handle?

7. How does the hotel benefit by being a host?

Hotels always want their guests to have a great guest experience.  The Perq Card makes that guests feel special.  After a guest has committed themselves to expense associated with the checking-in process, the hotel clerk says, “Here is your key and $250 in savings, available only to you as a guest of our hotel.”  The guest will carry the Perq Card around everywhere they go, thus also protecting the key and increasing its useful life.

8. What are the payment options?

Because we need to be affordable to as many small and locally-owned business as possible, we have made a number of payment options to keep the cost within the affordability of most businesses.  We believe that the best alternative is our credit alternative which allows the client to make no payment at all for 6 months without payment of interest.  This allows the program to work first and 6 months later you can pay off the balance out of the earnings that it generated.  If credit is not desired, we can finance in-house for as little as  $97 per month (with a 12-month commitment).

9. Do you have a referral program?

Yes.  We have a very robust referral program.  It is also very simple.  You don’t have to sell anything, just be the one who made the referral.  If someone you refer becomes a client, we will give you $50.  Just six referrals will repay the cost of your retainer fee.